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Church Reopening Plan Announced

From the Desk of Pastor Jim

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With all the news of red, yellow, and green phases, there have been inquiries as to when the church will reopen to worship in the sanctuary. Last Thursday, a joint meeting of the First Church Council and Trustees met and discussed the issue. We all agreed that the first priority is the safety of our members, friends, and guests. We have decided to delay the opening for a bit longer to allow us to accomplish a few more goals.

The first task is to place all the wiring necessary to live cast our services beneath the floor. This is being accomplished with work being done both this week and next.

Next, we need to be able to have two feeds of the words of the music we are singing. One for the in-sanctuary congregation and the other for the online congregation. It appears we may need another computer to accomplish this goal.

The final technical piece is to figure out how to take the sound feed directly front the soundboard to the live feed. We are in consultation with sound engineers on the best way to accomplish the goal.

Once we are ready to return to the sanctuary we are suggesting everyone do the best they can to protect the most vulnerable among us. To this end, we are suggesting everyone wear face masks which we hope to have available for those who do not bring one. In addition, we will have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand so everyone can freely use it.

Please keep the church and the leadership in your prayers that we might make decisions in keeping with God’s will. You can also support the work of the church with donations both money and time. Money is needed to upgrade some of the technology in the form of programs and a new computer. We also need volunteers to run the camera, soundboard, and computers.

Remember, we are committed to continuing our online presence even after we have returned to the sanctuary. We owe that service to our members and friends that are at a distance or are otherwise unable to be physically present.

If you have questions feel free to call or email me at 717-473-0042 or

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Jim

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