Behavior Management, Discipline and Disability Accommodations

Discipline comes from the word disciple, which means, “one who is a learner”. Therefore, discipline is a positive word, not a punitive action. Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher and/or aide or the one responsible for the safety of the children at that time. Constructive, developmentally appropriate child guidance and management techniques will be used at all times, and will include redirection, separation from problem situations, talking with the child about the situation and encouragement of appropriate behavior.

Children are expected to act in kind, helpful and safe ways. We understand that many preschoolers may use misguided behavior because they have not yet learned how to appropriately express their feelings and emotions and/or what is acceptable behavior. However, at times a child’s behavior may endanger or significantly disrupt the learning environment for others. We want to ensure parents that we will address such behavior immediately following these guidelines:

When redirection and positive reinforcement are not effective and the child’s behavior presents a continued risk to self /others and repeatedly interferes with the learning environment for other students the plan of action is as follows:

  1. The first incident will be communicated to the parent(s) using a private communication in Class Messenger as well as with a written note sent home with the child.
  2. Following a second incident a Behavior Plan Conference between the parents and teacher will be scheduled to discuss strategies and develop a plan of action to prevent future behavior incidents.
  3. Should a third incident occur parents will be called and the child removed from the regular classroom setting for the day. Referral for outside advice and evaluation may be suggested.
  4. Upon completion of an evaluation, a meeting with parent(s), the teacher and director will be held to review the results and establish the next steps necessary for the child to safely re-enter the classroom.
  5. Should the outlined plan not be followed by the student and/or parents or no measurable improvement in behavior be observed, NLA may dismiss the child from our preschool program.

Any student with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities will receive basic accommodations to enhance their learning and chances of success. In order to do so we require that, prior to enrollment in a program, Noah’s Little Ark must be provided with written documentation of the student’s disabilities and requests for relevant accommodations. Although our goal is to provide opportunities to all who seek an early learning experience, Noah’s Little Ark reserves the right to deny a registration request if the School or its staff is not able to provide the required accommodations, or if an appropriate class is unavailable.