NLA Preschool provides a nurturing, Christian environment in which children can gain self-esteem and confidence as they build life-long learning skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, etc. The learning environment includes both structured learning time as well as free-play-based centers. These help students build social and cognitive skills, grow emotionally, and increase listening skills, attention span, and vocabulary.  Creativity and self-expression are stimulated through various artistic opportunities. Christian values are shared through the use of Bible verses, Bible songs, Bible stories, and prayers.

Developmental Area Focus

Cognitive: Mental or thinking skills, problem solving skills. Ex. Puzzles, building, dramatic play, or any decision making choices. 

Physical: Small motor skills include small muscles in fingers and hands. Ex. Cutting, writing, coloring, stringing beads, etc. Large motor skills include large muscles in arms and legs. Ex. Hopping, skipping, running, jumping, walking, climbing, etc. 

Social: Learning to communicate and get along with peers. Beginning to share or work on a project with others, being part of a group.

Emotional: Children need experiences that allow them to feel good about themselves. Children will be encouraged and never humiliated as we help them develop healthy self-esteem.

Creative: Children need opportunities to make choices throughout the day. Choosing materials for art or play allow children to express themselves.

Learning Centers

Art Experience: Fine motor skills are developed through a variety of art media which encourages self-expression.

Block Corner: A variety of blocks, cars, trucks, and trains are available for active play.

Educational Toys and Games: Small motor and cognitive skills are strengthened while playing with puzzles, games, manipulatives, and imaginative toys.

Dramatic Play: Children create story lines and build social skills by playing in kitchen areas, vet offices, grocery stores, and more!

Sensory: Play-dough, sand, rice, beans, and other sensory explorations are provided regularly.

Reading Center: A relaxed area designed for children to enjoy books & teachers to promote literacy through circle time.

Science Table: Science is experienced by observations and experiments. Nature is discovered through “hands-on” exploration.

Water Table: Pouring water and other materials into various shaped containers provides a unique way to enjoy water and explore measuring and spatial relationships.

Curriculum goals have been developed at age-appropriate levels for each of our preschool programs.