Tuition is calculated on a school year basis and divided into 9 equal monthly payments. Tuition not received by Aug 16 will start to incur late fees and we will contact you regarding your plans to attend school. Failure to communicate with us will result in the loss of your child’s reserved class placement on September 1st , and the spot given to another student if there is a waiting list.

All monthly tuition payments for October through May are due on the first day of the month, regardless of weekends or holidays.

Tuition payments are considered late on the 2nd of the month – no exceptions. On the 2nd of each month, unpaid tuition charges are immediately subject to accumulating weekly $10 late fees.

Late fees of $10/week will be accrued until payment is made in full.

Unpaid charges for days already attended by your child will still be due even if you withdraw.


Discounts: NLA offers a 5% discount if the school year is paid in full by August 15. There is an automatic 5% discount for younger siblings of active students.


Payments and Reminders: Checks should be made payable to Noah’s Little Ark and mailed to the school at 520 E. Birch St, Palmyra PA 17078, or given directly to the director or assistant director or finance office assistant. Please do not hand payment to other staff or teachers; do not put payment in your child’s bags; do not leave payments on a desk in the office. 

Cash payments may be made during school hours and an immediate receipt can be provided at your request.

Credit Card payments or ACH payments may also be made for monthly tuition payments at your request, for a $5 fee (this only helps defray the cost of electronic payment processing, it does not cover the cost to NLA).


Noah’s Little Ark will send invoices monthly as a reminder that tuition is due. Updated invoices will be sent to those who have incurred late fees following the established grace period.


Late Fees: All monthly tuition payments for October through May are due on the first day of the month. Tuition payments are considered late on the 2nd of the month – no exceptions. On the 2nd of each month, unpaid tuition charges are immediately subject to accumulating weekly $10 late fees.

Family accounts which are more than 2 months in arrears will be cause for suspension of the child(ren) from our programs. All monies owed must be paid in full before the child(ren) will be permitted to return to class.


Late Pick-Up Fees: After a 5-minute grace period, you will be charged $1/minute for each minute until your child is signed out.

Example: Student’s program ends at 11:30, and on Monday you enter the parking lot at 11:32 and are fine, but on Wednesday you arrive at 11:37 so you are late and will incur charges.

Children who are not picked up by the end of the grace period (that is, the pick-up person is not yet in the parking lot) are walked to the office, where they can be with an NLA staff at all time. The office is where they can be picked up; please park in the parking lot and ring the office doorbell.

Payment for late pick-ups is due at the time of pick-up. That means that the following day a late fee of $10 will be automatically added, and every 7 days thereafter until the charges are paid in full.


Returned Check Fee: If a check payment is made but the check does not clear, the family is responsible to pay a $50 bounced-check fee to NLA, and must submit an immediate payment for the tuition that would be still due.


Refunds: Tuition is non-refundable. If you would like to petition the NLA Board for a special circumstance, please submit a letter to the director.


Scholarships: A limited number of Scholarships are available to families whose circumstances require assistance. An application may be requested at the time of registration or picked up in the NLA office. Completed applications will be presented to the Board for consideration at the next meeting following receipt of the form.



             Monthly Tuition Prices for next school year, 2021-22:

Younger Preschooler (ages 18 months-4 years old)
    $150 – two mornings (T/R only)
    $195 – three mornings (MWF only)
    $285 – five mornings (M-F)
    $245 – four afternoons (M-Th, ages 4-5, MUST be fully potty trained)

Pre-Kindergarten Classes  (ages 4-5 who plan to start attending Kindergarten in Sept 2022)
    $255 – five mornings, Monday-Friday
    $235 – four afternoons, Monday-Thursday

Lunch Bunch Hour
Lunch Bunch Hour allows students to bring a packed lunch (nut-free) and eat, play, and read with class friends from 11:30-12:30. This is a good addition if you need flexible pick-up times or can’t quite make it to 11:30 pick up. Students can attend regularly or just as needed.

    $10/day – LB pre-pay and schedule with NLA office which days you need
    $100/month – LB added to monthly tuition, stay for any/all lunch days in that month
    $15/day – LB last-minute drop-in, an option for your last-minute schedule changes


Kindergarten Extended Day Enrichment
Noah’s also offers an Extended Day Enrichment option to Kindergarten students that will run Monday through Thursday, mornings or afternoons. Additional details are on the NLA Program Options website page.

    $255 – four mornings, Monday-Thursday
    $255 – four afternoons, Monday-Thursday

You will need to tell us which (morning or afternoon) by mid-August, once you know your schedule from the school district. September tuition fee is also due mid-August, before the first day of school.