Tuition is an annual fee. The annual tuition fee is divided into 9 equal monthly installments as a payment plan. Monthly payments remain the same each month regardless of the actual number of school days or your attendance in any given month. Example: December has fewer school days than March, but the monthly tuition payment plan fee is the same.

September’s tuition payment is due by August 1 in order to secure your child’s class placement.

Any extra/additional participation or attendance (for example, staying for Lunch Bunch hour), and any late pick-ups will incur the appropriate charges and are due on the day they occur. Late Pick-Ups incur the charge of $1/minute. Students must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after the end of their program. Example: Student’s program ends at 11:30, so on Monday you pick up at 11:32, but on Wednesday you arrive at 11:37 so you are late and will incur charges.

Unpaid charges for days already attended by your child will still be due even if you withdraw.

All payments are due by the first day of the month for that month’s tuition: October tuition is due Oct 1 or before, November tuition is due Nov 1 or before, etc. through May. Reminder invoices will be sent each month by email. Tuition payments are considered late on the 2nd of the month – no exceptions. On the 2nd of each month, unpaid tuition charges are immediately subject to accumulating weekly $10 late fees.

Late fees of $10/week will be accrued until payment is made in full.

Checks should be made payable to Noah’s Little Ark and can be mailed to the school @ 520 East Birch Street, Palmyra, PA 17078

Noah’s Little Ark Finance Office will send invoices monthly by email as a reminder that tuition is due. Updated invoices will be sent to those who have incurred late fees. The NLA Finance Office will also send an email receipt for every tuiton payment processed; if you ever need further documentation of payments, please contact us with your request by email.

Tuition prices are posted below. A family discount of 5% will be automatically applied to the youngest child of families with more than one student attending.

Family accounts which are 2 months in arrears will be cause for suspension of the child(ren) from our programs. All monies owed must be paid in full before the child(ren) will be permitted to return to class. 

In the event of an extended absence from school, if you wish to hold your child’s space in the classroom, tuition in the amount of 50% of the usual monthly fee must be paid for the duration of the prolonged absence.

Tuition is non-refundable for any month in which your child was in full or partial attendance.


             Monthly Tuition Prices for next school year, 2021-22:

Younger Preschooler (ages 18 months-4 years old)
    $150 – two mornings (T/R only)
    $195 – three mornings (MWF only)
    $285 – five mornings (M-F)
    $245 – four afternoons (M-Th, ages 4-5, MUST be fully potty trained)

Pre-Kindergarten Classes  (ages 4-5 who plan to start attending Kindergarten in Sept 2022)
    $255 – five mornings, Monday-Friday
    $235 – four afternoons, Monday-Thursday

Lunch Bunch Hour
Lunch Bunch Hour allows students to bring a packed lunch (nut-free) and eat, play, and read with class friends from 11:30-12:30. This is a good addition if you need flexible pick-up times or can’t quite make it to 11:30 pick up. Students can attend regularly or just as needed.

    $10/day – LB pre-pay and schedule with NLA office which days you need
    $100/month – LB added to monthly tuition, stay for any/all lunch days in that month
    $15/day – LB last-minute drop-in, an option for your last-minute schedule changes

Kindergarten Extended Day Enrichment
Noah’s also offers an Extended Day Enrichment option to Kindergarten students that will run Monday through Thursday, mornings or afternoons. Additional details are on the NLA Program Options website page.

    $245 – four mornings, Monday-Thursday
    $245 – four afternoons, Monday-Thursday

You will need to tell us which (morning or afternoon) by mid-August, once you know your schedule from the school district. September tuition fee is also due mid-August, before the first day of school.